Scanning and Data Capture.





Documents passed around the company in paper form can be forgotten or get lost. Storing them safely requires space. Accessing them takes time. And both are expensive. Typing required information into systems, solutions and specialist applications takes time, and mistakes are easily made.…

Scanning or data recognition software allows you to capture data quickly and accurately. You can digitalize paper documents, read data from a variety of electronic sources, then integrate them directly into your target system. All in a fully automatic procedure, of course.

Use Case.

Incoming mail at a
major collection agency.
At a major collection agency, the workload is directly related to the volume of mail that arrives each day.
Processing the incoming mail using conventional means is time-consuming, complex and prone to errors. By automating the incoming mail, the entire volume can be digitalized. Document classification and the triage process take place automatically. After the mail has been classified, the necessary data can be extracted automatically from the documents, validated, and then passed on to the downstream system to trigger the corresponding process (workflow). The images generated are stored in the archive. Automation means that staff are offloaded, their specialist know-how used correctly, and their work satisfaction enhanced. The service to the customer is improved considerably. Both efficiency and quality rise dramatically.
Invoice processing at a
health insurance fund.
A health insurance fund receives countless invoices every day. Manual data entry is both time-consuming and prone to errors.
Through electronic invoice processing, invoice data can be read in automatically and then forwarded to the relevant application. Whether the invoice exists on paper or in electronic format is irrelevant. Fewer mistakes occur. Processing times are reduced many times over, cash management improved. Thanks to the considerable savings in time and expense, the solution pays for itself quickly.
Incoming mail at a
major unemployment fund.
One of Switzerland's biggest unemployment funds has to deal with a huge volume of mail every day.
In its scan center, the Fund's three scanners process some 170,000 pages or a tonne of paper every month. After consultation with the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO) and the decision to replace the previous scanners, a new scanning solution featuring high-performance scanners from Kodak, together with Kofax Capture scanning software, was designed, installed and successfully commissioned. The new solution supports secure paper handling in high image quality, automatic transfer of the data to SECO's central DMS without breaks in the media chain, and seamless editing of the data ahead of the downstream process. Thanks to the new, heavy-duty solution, savings of 3-5 minutes per stack at up to 50 stacks a day could be achieved. What is more, the early detection of misfeeds helps minimize interruptions; productivity optimization generates corresponding cost savings.

Your Benefits.

  • Speedy inbound processing.
  • A better quality of data thanks to verification mechanisms.
  • Automatic forwarding to your ERP or data storage system.
  • Enhanced productivity thanks to rapid data access.
  • Less space required for archiving due to the elimination of reams of paper and duplicate storage.