Office Automation.

Template management

Corporate design management

Semi-automated document generation

Management of standard texts

Whether an offer compiled using Word, an Excel price list or a PowerPoint presentation — every document is a business card for your company.

Make sure that your corporate design and wordings are enforced throughout the company. With Enterprise Office Automation, you can manage Office templates centrally and distribute them automatically to ensure that all your staff have access to the very latest templates and standard texts.

No matter which employee creates the document, the wording will always be correct and your customers will experience a uniform brand image wherever they happen to be.

Your Benefits.

A better impression with less effort.

  • You use less time to create and maintain templates.
  • You implement changes faster by distributing them automatically to all users.
  • Your staff create better documents in less time.
  • Your Corporate Identity/Corporate Design (CI/CD) is safeguarded throughout the company.

Use Case.

MS-Office automation at a
major transport company.
The legal department of one of Switzerland's biggest transport companies is responsible for putting together complex, lengthy contracts with highly specialized content.
Ensuring that the latest articles and clauses are used in the wordings and that contract documents are uniform in appearance is an ongoing challenge that cannot be mastered within a conventional MS-Office environment. But with the help of an MS-Office automation solution, document layouts as well as document content can be managed simply, centrally and correctly at any time. Thanks to the templates and content provided by the MS-Office automation solution, the process of drafting contracts is automated and optimized. The latest articles and clauses can be pasted conveniently into the contract templates, with the company's corporate identity and corporate design defined once only in the solution. This means that contracts always comply with the latest regulations.
Template management at a
cantonal administrative office.
A cantonal administrative office is drowning in a sea of Office templates (created for different document types, languages, etc.) due to the practice of duplication.
Changing a company's logo can be an incredibly costly and time-consuming task. With an MS-Office automation solution, document templates are managed on a centralized basis. Once defined, a company's corporate identity and corporate design can be implemented once in the solution, and then approved for use with all future templates. The option of centrally implementing amendments once ' whether in document layouts or in content ' gives rise to enormous savings, while compliance with corporate design and corporate identity is safeguarded at all times. Furthermore, the availability of various wizards and standard texts greatly simplifies and optimizes the document creation process.